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Enjoy magnificent sunsets and deep sea fishing along the West coast of Mauritius. Surfers should head for Tamarin, which is the surf centre of Mauritius. There, beginners can come to grips with the basics of surfing at the surf school.

Enjoy the best sunset at any of the beaches along the west coast of Mauritius. The west and south west is the land of adventure for nature and sports lovers.

Resorts in the west include Island Sports Club; Tamarin; Taj Hotel; Sands Hotel; Sofitel Hotel; Hilton; Sugar Beach; La Pirogue and La Pearle Beach.

Mauritius Beaches in the West and South West:
Flic en Flac
White beach fringed with filaos or Casuarinas trees. A very popular place for weekend beach activities. There are lots of shops and restaurants to explore so a good choice for those who tire of spending their whole holiday at their chosen resort.

Offers kilometers of beach for tanning and bathing, at the foot of a most stunning mountain backdrop. They hold the favorite surfing spots, attracting the most talented kite and body surfers from all over the island.

Sports & Activities in the West & South West of Mauritius:
Lion & Cheetah Encounter:
A new activity in Mauritius based in the west part of the island at Casela Nature & Leisure Park. The lions and cheetahs found here have all been abandoned from their captive bred family units in South Africa. When this happens it is necessary to take the cubs away from the mother.
Walks are available in the morning and afternoon when temperatures aren't as high. Interaction and viewing activities are available all day.

Wolmar Nature Reserve
The Wolmar Nature Reserve near Flic en Flac has some great hiking and mountain biking tracks. A safari guide will point out, among other things, a coral reef lying 500m inland and the deer, wild boars, monkeys and giant fruit bats that live there.

A modern and sophisticated karting circuit welcomes the most passionate adepts at Riviere Noire. A restaurant offering creole and Italian cuisines can also be found there.

Jeep Safari:
Your rendezvous with Nature and Adventure - Lovers of Nature and Adventure will be brought into the heart of authentic Mauritius to discover other facets of the country. Waterfalls, luxurious gorges, tropical forests and panoramic vistas.

Dolphin Watch:
The dream of your life! Meet with dolphins in Tamarin Bay. Half day & Full day tours.

Sea kayaking around the protected mangroves of Ile D’Ambre including snorkeling or paddle to a magnificent waterfall at the mouth of the Grand River South East.

Rare bird watching:
Specialized activity in the Machabee Forest where ornithologists will see native birds in their natural habitat.

From pounding chutes to waterfalls, discover the thrills of canyoning in the Mauritian landscape. Full or half day tours. We can design trips for beginners and well as hardcore adventures.

Cascade Rama, Eau Bleu, famous for its clear water, and tropical flora.
Tamarin falls or seven cascades offer breathtaking views on the west part of the island: alternation of river walking, jumping and abseiling down 2- 7 waterfalls, from 8 – 55 meters.

Mountain biking:
In the reserve of La Nicolière where you will have some great views onto the Northern islets and plains.

Zip Lines & Trekking:
11 speed zip lines that cross sugar cane fields of St.Felix Estate, the Riviere des Galets and fly over the tree tops of the estate. The trail lasts four hours, including a swim under a waterfall situated in the heart of the tropical forest.
Activities: Speed Zip lines: the 11 speed Zip lines travel 2 km, the longest cable line is 160 m, the highest being 40 m high. A great excitement and novelty guaranteed.
Enjoy a wonderful trekking adventure in the mountains in the South and West namely Mamzel Zabeth, 3 Mamelles, St Felix and our national heritage, Le Morne.

Cruises are very special on the west coast as you can enjoy a BBQ on board of a catamaran with live Sega music, and go for a nice swim with the dolphins.

Deep sea fishing
The west is no doubt the centre for the deep sea fishing of the island. The most important fishing centers are to be found in the west.

Kite Surfing
If you are passionate about Kite surfing, check out Le Morne and La Prairie.

Mauritius Diving - West & South West Coast:
Cathedral (22-35m)
Going down to a drop-off with numerous cracks and crevices sheltering a rich fauna: lionfish, angelfish, moray eels… Two small cliffs will lead you to an enormous open cave deep down. This wide dark cavity with an imposing arch gives you the impression of visiting a cathedral. Crayfish and lobsters are fond of this place.

Couline Bambous (24-36m)
On your way down to a canyon you will come right in front of a huge stone bridge lying in the open sea. After passing underneath the bridge, the canyon opens into a Y, with the sight of a rocky peak in the open sea. You will just have to go around it and swim over a large fissure to get back to the drop-off, on the right. At 36 meters, a cave will lead you to the other side of the drop-off. Peaceful ascent over the plateau. Exploration of a coral sinkhole, with the opportunity to see small sharks, tunas, rays…

The Aquarium
Situated on a coral reef interrupted by sandbanks, this site is 9 to 20 meters deep and is accessible to anyone. This spot hosts a huge variety of tropical marine life; you will dive among schools of carandines and grey mullets... In between corals you will discover groupers, moray eels and flying scorpionfish. A wonderful dive for beginners.

Tug II (17-19m)
This wreck is located between 17 and 19 meters. TUG II is one of the most famous dives on the west coast of Mauritius. An easy dive where you will meet mimetic fishes: stonefish, scorpionfish, leaf fish and, occasionally, Rhinopias blending into the seaweeds. The wreck lies on a sandy bottom providing shelter to a multitude of eels.

White Tip (18-32m)
Our shark-dive! The site is located (like ST. JACQUES) on the intact south coast of Mauritius. For this reason, this place abounds in white tip sharks, barracudas, trevallies, groupers, scorpionfish, moray eels...

St Jacques Pass (16-32m)
A magnificent dive in one of the most beautiful channels of Mauritius. Eagle rays, sharks, schools of trevallies and tunas are constantly seen there. But this place is famous mostly for the (very rare) presence of giant crayfish.

The Aquarium/The Hill (5-18m)
An ideal dive for beginners. The whole reef life is described here, between 5 and 18 meters. A fascinating site and a delight for photographers, especially the amateurs of macro photography. The EASY dive par excellence!

The Western Islet:

Ile aux Benitiers

The crescent- shaped island lies off the coast of Le Morne in the southwest. The island is covered with coconut trees and its beaches are white and unspoilt.