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The East of Mauritius is wilder and less developed, offering a spectacle of nature. The white beaches of Palmar and Belle Mare stretch endlessly along the coast, fringed on one side by the shady green casuarinas trees and edged by the lagoon on the other.


Resorts on the East coast of Mauritius include Le Prince Maurice; One & Only Le St Geran; Belle Mare Plage; Beau Rivage; Le Palmar; Hotel Ambre; Le Touessrok and Four Seasons Resort.

A coast of exquisite coves and emerald lagoons permanently enhanced by a cool sea breeze. Life goes on at different paces, among the fishing community, the local holidaymakers and inside the top hotels of the island.

Flacq market is one of the most important villages in Mauritius. The unavoidable meeting point for inhabitants of the eastern region, Flacq has one of the largest open-air markets. Market day is a colorful event which attracts a large number of locals and where bargaining is at its best.

Grand River South East
Visitors and locals enjoy navigating along the mouth of the river, swimming and diving under the waterfall or having a picnic on the riverbanks. Outings can be organized with local operators from the village of Trou d’Eau Douce.

Le Val Nature Park
Le Val Nature Park lies in a peaceful valley surrounded by green hillock, to the south-east of Mauritius at St Hubert. The park is considered to be one of the most picturesque sites of the island. It unfurls on some one hundred acres of land carpeted with luxuriant woods and bushes.
The lakes and natural water ponds procure to the visitor a unique type of pleasure. Natural ponds abounding with fresh water fishes and shrimps, a fascinating population of monkeys, birds and stags, all enhance the charm of the site. The serenity of the place is ideal for leisurely walks and quiet strolls.
The park is open everyday from 900am to 5 00 pm. Three itineraries lead to le Val Nature Park: The Highway through La Vigie and Midlands, or Rose Belle through Cluny, or St Hubert through Riche en Eau.

Domaine Ylang Ylang
Situated at Anse Jonchee, at the foot of the mountains in Vieux Grand Port, it is characterized by the cultivation of Ylang Ylang, a perfume tree, much appreciated for the therapeutic effects of its essential oil, which is also used in some great perfumes.
There is a panoramic view over the bay of Mahebourg, and the islands around. Nature lovers can hit the numerous tracks. Essential Oils, 100% pure and natural and handicrafts products can be purchased at the domaine.

Victoria 1840 Museum
Victoria 1840/Le Café des Arts/Maniglier Art Gallery is a magical place where Mauritian history, art, culture and gastronomy meet in a concept of excellence. A museum of contemporary art has been set-up within the walls of an old sugar factory. The painter, Yvette Maniglier whose paintings are exhibited there was the last private student of Matisse. The gastronomic restaurant offers a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Eastern Mauritius Beaches:
Poste La Fayette & Roches Noires
Situated north of Flacq, these beaches are wild, authentic and pretty as nature intended with idyllic coves of white sand.

Palmar & Belle Mare
Miles and miles of beaches on the east coast, from Belle Mare to Trou d'Eau Douce. The sand tracks along these spotless beaches are highly appreciated as jogging paths by locals as well as tourists.

Trou D’Eau Douce
Trou D'Eau Douce is an attractive fishing village with a fine sandy beach. It is also the main jumping off point for the islet, Ile aux Cerfs.

Sports and activities available in Eastern Mauritius:
Domaine De L'Etoile
A natural sanctuary, where nature has been protected in a wonderful fashion, indigenous forests, lust valleys, crystalline sources and rivers, stretch towards distant mountains , with the Indian Ocean as a backdrop in a ballet of changing light and shade, as the hours go by.
To admire the birds, deer and other animals that roam amidst these vast expanse of land, a gamut of possibilities is offered to the visitor who can practice archery , go hiking, mountain biking and explore the surroundings by Quad or 4x4. L’Etoile is also reputed for being an exclusive site for cocktails, lunches and dinners.

Le Domaine D’Anse Jonchée
Nestled between the turquoise blue of Le Vieux Grand Port and the emerald green of a unique primary forest, Le Domaine d'Anse Jonchée is a heaven of peace and a calm retreat, away from stressful cities and noisy places. Part of the valley of Le Domaine d'Anse Jonchée used to be known as Le Domaine du Chasseur.

Trekking & Hiking:
Several levels of difficulties going from 2 to 6 km in preserved nature. Discover Mauritian fauna and flora. Trekking can be done with or without a guide. Hikers might have a chance to come across a deer, a wild boar or a kestrel (endemic falcon) during their trekking. If they are not lucky, they will still be able to see some of those animals in the little park arranged to satisfy any curiosity.

Organization of team building and other events: on request

Domaine du Chasseur
Situated on the South of the central plateau the New Domaine du Chasseur has retained all the characteristics that account for its success for the past two decades. In an exceptional natural environment of over one thousand hectares, thousand of deers and wild boars live in freedom. The quality of the trophies is exceptional. During the last three years, the Jean Paul Adam trophy and other trophies were awarded to the Domaine du Chasseur.
Those seeking nature will enjoy the VTT & trekking path where they can admire the fauna & flora and a panoramic view on the lion mountain and on the bay of Mahebourg. A beautiful “Pavillon de chasse” warm and comfortable, welcomes the visitors in front of a typical chimney. They will have the possibility to taste the best traditional recipe of palm heart, deer, wild boar & fish, all cooked on wood fire, all these accompanied by the Old Rum of the Domaine du Chasseur.
Also on offer are: Regular regatta with traditional pirogues and fishing in the Old Grand Port Bay and visits of the islands of the region. Ninety per cent of the territory is devoted to ecotourism and the rest is used for other activities like VTT, Quads, “Tyrolienne” swimming in rivers, waterfalls etc

Enjoy a ride on board of a cruise to Ile aux Cerfs and admire the marvelous scenery along the longest river in Mauritius, Grand River South East.

Mauritius Diving - East
Japanese Garden (19 - 24 m)
This site has an abundant and diverse coral life; many fish species can be spotted as well: flying gurnards, groupers, yellow-edged lyretails, angelfish, butterflyfish, surgeonfish, triggerfish, wrasses and nudibranchs… Cruising on this plateau it feels like a real treasure hunt. This dive is very much enjoyed by photographers.

Du Puits Pass (3 - 18 m)
This is probably the dive which attracts the most visitors on the east coast. At low tide, the current will drag you along this channel where black trevallies, big-eye trevallies and eagle rays abound, besides reef sharks and other predators, including “Leon”, the old lonesome barracuda whose own spot is reserved. So many creatures stream before your eyes, while you get this exhilarating sensation of “flying” with the current. A first class drift dive.

The Gorgonian Forest (22 - 33m)
Itinerary for experienced divers. You are welcomed by green parrotfish playing hide and seek in a true gorgonian forest where groupers, bannerfish, pufferfish and batfish can be seen hiding behind thick trunks. Around the top, there are schools of wreckfish and regular appearances of toothdog tunas. Life and colors are abundant. An atmosphere dive with good visibility. No desire to get back to the surface.

Castle (14 - 23m)
You will move around several small corridors made up of coral walls on a white sandy bed, which creates fabulous light effects. The entire site looks like the maze of a fortified castle. Admire the density of the sculpted corals all around. Quite often, small turtles can be seen as well. This beautiful diving experience, in the midst of such a rich marine fauna and flora will bring you unforgettable pleasure.

Captain Nemo Undersea Walk.
This is a once in a lifetime experience! It is ideal for those who cannot swim but wish to experience the beautiful corals and magnificent marine life of Mauritius. After just a few minutes of instruction, guests don dive helmets attached to breathing tubes and lead belts and walk across the seabed.

Kite Surfing
Do not miss the wonderful kite surfing spots at Poste La Fayette and Belle Mare.

The East Islets of Mauritius

Ile aux Cerfs
Ile aux Cerfs, an islet, is a paradise for water sports and has the most beautiful beach in Mauritius. This tiny island, delicately poised on the ocean is a real pearl in the Mauritian landscape. A visit there is a must. The pure white sands are perfect for soaking up the rays of the sun, whilst the calm waters of the lagoon are ideal for water sports such as snorkeling. Relaxing over a long, lazy lunch at one of the island’s two restaurants is almost obligatory and the island also has its very own 18-hole golf course.