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Time seems to stand still on Rodrigues. Its unpretentious charm and simple unhurried pace of life has attracted the likes of Prince William and his friends, who appreciate the island's tranquility and unspoiled natural beauty.

Rodrigues is named after the Portuguese explorer Diego Rodriguez and it forms part of the Mascarene Islands.

Rodrigues Island

In 1968 Mauritius annexed the island of Rodrigues. Today, it has acquired a certain autonomy in the management of its internal affairs. The local currency is the Mauritian Rupee.

The island of Rodrigues is situated at about 560 kms north east of Mauritius. It is 18.3 kms long and 8 kms wide (108 square km's in size), stretching along a wide submarine plateau. Rodrigues is an island of volcanic origin like the two other islands of the Mascarenes (Reunion and Mauritius). Surrounded by a vast lagoon (twice its area) of shallow water abounding in coral life, Rodrigues is a mountainous country, its highest peak being Mont Limon, which reaches 393 metres.

Several steep little valleys spread out on either side of the mountain range that extends across the island from east to west. A vast coral plain, formed when the area was still covered with water, stretches out to the south east.

The rest of the island is made of basaltic rock and the coastline (80kms) is marked by numerous coves and creeks and sometimes by high cliffs shrouded by wonderful paille-en-queue birds.

Rodrigues has a population of around 40,000, the vast majority being Creoles. The particular charm of the island comes from the calm and harmonious lifestyle of its inhabitants. Discretion, kindness and simplicity are the principal traits of the Rodriguans.

Summer lasts from November to April while winter is from May to October. The climate is generally warmer and drier than in Mauritius.

The days are hot & humid in summer and the temperature oscillates between 28 - 35ºC. During this period, the risk of cyclones increases significantly, particularly in January and February. In winter, the temperature varies from 16 - 27ºC and the prevailing wind of the South East is much more biting.

The main places of interest on Rodrigues are:
  • Port Mathurin is the capital of Rodrigues, situated in the north of the island,
  • Cavere Patate which is decorated with stalagmites and stalactites as well as other original shapes cut into it's coral rock,
  • Ile aux Cocos is located at 4km to the west of Rodrigues. It is a nature reserve covered in casuarina trees and it provides shelter to many sea birds. Ile aux Cocos has now become the main tourist attraction and to reach the island, one has to sail the 4km's in a pirogue.

Activities are plentiful. Some of these include:
Big Game Fishing - Rodrigues is now recognized as one of the best game fishing destinations in the Indian Ocean with different fishing techniques available. Good for amateurs and the most passionate anglers with a variety of options available for charter from day trips to longer packages. The best season is from September to mid-May. The main species that are fished are wahoos, black & blue marlins, yellow tunas, Barracuda and sailfish plus many more species.
Windsurfing - Rodrigues offers good conditions for windsurfers with regular and strong winds blowing on a beautiful lagoon.
Kite Surfing - Rodrigues has the necessary environment and climate for this sport.
Diving - Rodrigues' lagoon is a real diving paradise for both amateurs and professionals with its magnificent coral reefs and rich flora and fauna.
Rodrigues Island diving
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